5 Things You Can Learn From the NFL’s Marketing

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It’s football season, and you know what that means. You can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing about the NFL.

How was the NFL able to make itself the biggest name in sports? A dominant social media presence, powerful branding, and strong business partnerships are just some of the NFL’s marketing efforts that have helped them to create a name that reaches over 20 million viewers on Sunday nights.

Keep reading for the biggest takeaways from the NFL’s marketing strategy that you can implement into your business right now.

Be consistent with your content

One of the NFL’s biggest successes that can be used in any strategy is consistent content distribution across multiple platforms. The NFL and each of their teams go above and beyond on social media, posting year-round content that excites their followers. They use tons of different platforms including Twitter Live streaming, YouTube, Snapchat, podcasts and more.

With fresh content across different locations, it ensures that fans won’t miss out and that they won’t be able to get enough. They maintain top of mind awareness and reach maximum engagement with their fans. Stay on your customer’s minds by using different social media networks and posting content that they can find from their mobile devices.

It’s all about branding

The NFL positions themselves as the “premier sports and entertainment brand that brings people together socially and emotionally like no other.” Each team, athlete, and game broadcast works in tandem with the NFL to create that identity. Across social media, sponsorships, and other initiatives, they emphasize community, use humor, and tell stories about their fans, to fit that positioning. Not to mention every team jersey, hat, or bumper sticker is branded with the NFL logo.

Here, we can see how important it is to not lose sight of your overall brand identity or mission when marketing individual products. Just like how the NFL’s athletes and teams do, everything should connect back to your business’s mission.

Reward your loyal customers

The NFL’s audience is more than just consumers, but they are an enthusiastic community that eats, sleeps and breathes NFL. To encourage the most passionate fans, the NFL creates special campaigns, giveaways, and promotions just for them.  Last year the NFL gave away 500 Super Bowl tickets to the most dedicated football fans.

While your small business might not have a customer base quite as big as the NFL, there is a lot of value in rewarding your most loyal customers. 

Don’t forget about the untapped audiences

Even though the NFL’s audience is already huge, they continue to target new markets in a variety of ways. To appeal to new geographic demographics, the NFL holds games abroad each season and recently began offering game streaming on mobile devices for international fans. NFL Latino also reaches out to the Latino demographic with tons of Spanish content.

From the star-studded halftime shows and commercials, the Super Bowl has become the biggest way the NFL targets those who don’t usually watch football on Sundays. For your business, continue to think about what markets you aren’t reaching and come up with ways you can target them. 

Partnerships are important

In March, Nike and the NFL signed an 8 year partnership worth about $1 billion. The league also maintains tons of other official sponsors including Pizza Hut, Anheuser-Busch, and Gatorade.  All parties benefit from the marketing exposure and gain opportunities for new customers.

The NFL’s work with other corporations shows the value of collaboration between businesses. Work with other small businesses in your local area to promote each other’s services and team up for giveaways, events, and contests.

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October 18, 2018

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