The devil is in the details.

The most important, yet often overlooked, aspect of any marketing engagement is content. Content includes everything from written copy (headline, subheadline and body) to images, video and blog posts – just to name a few. We encourage all our clients to furnish us with as much content as they are able to write, collect or produce. However, often we are required to assist with content creation and copywriting. We also have a number of copywriters we utilize to produce and license professional content depending on the industry.  

Bringing It All Together

Often clients get hung up on the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which at its foundation is all about content. We coach our clients on how to develop and leverage content in an inbound marketing strategy. We evaluate websites for a search-presence review and we optimize original content for target keywords, as well as leveraging Webmaster Tools in Google to fine tune a website’s search presence. SEO is often compared to “a marathon, not a sprint.” While we include a one-time optimization audits with many of our web development projects, we also offer ongoing services that complement our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to help refine this presence as it evolves over time.

Flex Retainer

Our Flex Retainer program is like hiring a web, branding and marketing professional to join your team. It ensures you always have a dedicated point of contact, get priority turn around and have the flexibility to engage our agency for a variety of ongoing services on a monthly basis. It also creates accountability, by allowing us to put in place a process with clear objectives to help you grow on and off the web! Learn more.

Are You Ready?

Whether you have a content campaign that needs some help, or you want to learn more about some of our ongoing services (including copywriting, digital strategy and more) we can help.

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