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Our Flex Retainer program is like hiring a web, branding and marketing professional to join your team. It ensures you always have a dedicated point of contact, get priority turn around and have the flexibility to engage our agency for a variety of ongoing services on a monthly basis. It also creates accountability, by allowing us to put in place a process with clear objectives to help you grow on and off the web!

Website Design and Development

Once your site is launched we are here to keep it fresh with updates ranging from new feature development to subtle design tweaks. A few examples of these updates include: new page design templates, landing pages for your marketing campaigns, and creative elements that make you stand out.

Graphic Design

Take advantage of our in-house graphic design services for all your marketing needs, whether they are digital, web, or print materials.  Our designers will take your existing branding and define a brand identity system that reflects your consistent mark and style on all marketing materials.

Inbound Marketing

Drive more sales by building your customer base and cross-selling services to your existing customers with inbound marketing. Also called lifecycle marketing, inbound marketing encompasses a number of services that we offer, which focuses on principles and best practices to generate traffic and leads to your website.

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Google has changed the way that we find products and services, becoming a verb in our daily life. With our help, you can target your prospects by interest, age, sex, and location when they are closest to their purchase decision.  Working directly with Google, your campaign will be monitored on a weekly basis to optimize budget and ROI.

inbound marketing

Retargeting & Display Network

Staying in front of your customers and prospects can be challenging, but with retargeting, you can advertise directly to them. Using the Google Display Network, we can target anyone who has previously visited your website, viewed one of your emails, or visited one of your social channels.

Email Marketing, Campaign & List Management

Managing a customer list and effectively leveraging this to maximize repeat business through drip campaigns can be a very effective way to increase your bottom line. Email marketing can also be used to help automate your process. This ultimately saves time and guarantees the customer experience is consistent.

Social Media & Blogging Management

Stirling offers assistance to businesses that want to maintain an active social and search presence by authoring monthly content pushed across social channels like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+. This program is customized with your needs in mind. The process begins by creating a content strategy.

Security Monitoring

We can provide real-time monitoring paired with daily, weekly, and monthly system health checks that include malware scans to ensure the current website is clean and secure; so that you can focus on your business. Our ongoing management also includes plugin updates, security protection, brute-force defense  and many other tools to keep you safe.

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