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Choosing a Marketing Strategy.

At Stirling we understand that building a comprehensive marketing strategy takes experience and we have the staff to guide you through the process, evaluate what you are doing now and put in place benchmarks to ensure you are setup for success. Our first step starts with a review of all the tools that you use, the campaigns you have run in the past, and an upfront conversation of what you are looking to get from your marketing. Whether you’re aiming to gain more leads, increase sales, grow customer interaction or any other number of objectives we will work with you to devise a marketing strategy that delivers.

Measurable Success

Determine your marketing goals A good marketing strategy is adaptive and responsive to change. We will work with you at a high level to plan out your goals for the year, before diving into the details with our quarterly goals.

Our Flex Retainer

Finally a marketing plan that bends to your needs

Our Flex Retainer is our most popular marketing plan that allows our clients to use our services on a flexible month-to-month basis. Much like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game our Flex Retainer lets our clients choose which of our many marketing services they’d like to use that month toward their business and marketing goals.

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Flex Marketing Retainer Plan

Marketing Automation

Managing leads and follow-up has never been easier.

As marketing has evolved, knowing where to spend your time and how best to communicate with your prospects and customers has gotten harder. Social media and the web at large continue to evolve at high speeds and with tools like marketing automation we can work smarter and more efficiently. For many clients, automation platforms can act as a Swiss Army Knife or marketing hub for your PPC campaigns, email marketing, and website analytics. While many platforms exist, identifying your needs early will ensure we choose the right tool for the job.  

marketing automation

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

You prospects are are only a click away.

PPC advertising provides one of easiest ways to get in front of your target customer at the point of purchase. Search engines like Google and Bing provide comprehensive analytics data and cost analysis allowing us to pinpoint where your advertising dollars will generate the best return. Once a campaign is in place we can identify the ROI of a campaign by measuring clicks, and conversions. For e-commerce clients we also have the ability to measure the true cost of each purchase by identifying what ad generated the sale.

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Pay-Per-Click PPC Marketing

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