A new look for a
community organization.
New hope for kids.

We love working with non-profits. Our work is not only appreciated by them, but goes on to help communities grow and thrive.

We’ve done a lot of work with nonprofits so taking on a web project for the Boys & Girls Club was a logical fit. But as typically happens with our favorite projects, there is always a challenge. The Woburn branch of B&G was trying to redefine their role in the community. They had just gotten a large grant for a new building to replace their horribly outdated one and needed a new web presence — not only to promote the building project, but also to promote the organization and highlight its importance in the community.

Boys & Girls Club

We wanted to create a revitalized brand for them and used color as our weapon of choice. We selected a vibrant, playful color palette to use throughout the website in a very heavy-handed manner. We used a simple “tabbed” interface for the navigation with friendly verbiage and used illustrations throughout the site to really drive all the points home. Even right from the homepage, there is a highlight on the community impact that the B&G has, something we didn’t find in many other sites we looked at for comparison. We even integrated an online payment system integrated with their PayPal account that was huge: it allowed users to get much more done with the website than was previously possible, including donating and paying for programs.

Since launch, the website has proved to not only be a great look for the club and the community but acts as an extremely functional tool in recruiting kids to join and in allowing parents to check up on club activities, make payments and learn about new programs being offered.

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  • James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn

  • Spring 2015

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